Clan Macpherson Museum - Heart of Jacobite Country

The Clan Macpherson Museum Trust

The Museum is run by a Charitable Trust, the Clan Macpherson Museum Trust, and relies on donations from visitors and members of the Clan Macpherson Association for its continued existence. We receive no Government or Local Authority funding. The Museum is managed by a committee of volunteers, the Museum Advisory Committee. None of the Trustees or Museum Advisory Committee members receive remuneration for their work. The members of the organisational committees are shown below.


Angus C S Macpherson (Chairman)
Christopher J Gillies (Secretary)
Ewen S L MacPherson
T A S (Sandy) Macpherson
Bruce J S Macpherson
Robert J Macpherson
William (Bill) J S Macpherson (Glenfarg)
William (Bill) R McPherson (Seattle)
John M Barton
John Macpherson
Jean Macpherson Duffy
Annie Le Roy-Lewis
Kenneth Croker
William (Bill) Macpherson (Mississauga)
Jack Raines

Advisory members:

Ewen MacPherson (Chairman)
Valerie Macpherson (Treasurer)
Chris Gillies (Secretary)
Catherine M D Macpherson
Rod Clarke
Gordon Macpherson
Gordon Duffy
Ruiseart Alcorn - Curator
Lorna Cruickshank - Museum Mentor
Alan Macpherson
Mary Mackenzie
Sandra Macpherson
John Charles Macpherson