Clan Macpherson Museum - Heart of Jacobite Country

The Friends of the Clan Macpherson Museum

Welcome to The Friends of the Clan Macpherson Museum. To learn more about The Friends, visit the "Support Us" page. The following people have become Friends of the Clan Macpherson Museum. We thank them for their support.

Sir William Macpherson of Cluny & Hilary Lady Burnham
Alasdair & Penny Macpherson of Pitmain
Alexander Macpherson Yr of Pitmain
Bill & Jan Macpherson, Scotland
Ewen & Margaret MacPherson, Scotland
Chris & Margaret Gillies, Scotland
Jean & Gordon Duffy, USA
Guenter Mascheck, Germany
Fearn Macpherson Chartered Architects, Aberfeldy
Dee McPherson, USA
Gordon Macpherson & Linda Farquharson, Scotland
Angus & Valerie Macpherson, Scotland
John L Macpherson, Australia
Neil & Janet Macpherson, Scotland
Ian & Suzy Macpherson, England
Derek & Shannon Macpherson, Malawi
Joyce & Jim Newport, USA
Chantal Macpherson, Canada
Lindsey & Phillippe Rousseau, England
Jerome & Annie Le Roy-Lewis, Scotland
Lachlan & Flora Macpherson, Scotland
Bruce Macpherson, USA
Zandra Macpherson of Glentruim
Pamela & Bill Rhemrev, Australia
Jack Raines, USA
Jerry Gamblin, USA
Constance Henry, USA
Marvin & Jan Smith, USA
James & Constance Rivette, USA
Alistair Macpherson, Scotland
Jeffrey & Janet Gouk, Northern Ireland
Jim &Christine Love, Scotland

Updated 15 December 2016